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Hello NABS Members, Sponsors and Attendees!

The LIVE 2021 NABS Conference is just weeks away! Here are some updates and last-minute reminders, along with other helpful links.

  • *NEW* WE ARE FULL…and in more ways than one! All presentation times have been filled and our allotment of discounted hotel rooms as well as regular priced rooms are SOLD-OUT. You might still be able to book a room, but there are no rooms available at the NABS discounted price. Click here for reservations
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  • *NEW* REGISTRATION, REGISTRATION, REGISTRATION! Submitting your abstract DID NOT automatically register you for the conference. We still have some individuals that have not registered and paid their fee. We are on a deadline for the catering and need an accurate headcount. PLEASE REGISTER AT YOUR EARLIEST CONVENIENCE. It’s easy and will take less than 5 minutes of your time by doing it right here at the NABS website. Thank you to those who have already completed registration and paid their fees. Click here to register.  

  • Regarding the meeting space: To maintain compliance with the current Montana Board of Health during the COVID-19 pandemic, our meeting will be held in 2 separate meeting rooms. Both meeting rooms are in the same building as the Huntley Lodge Hotel and are a 1 minute walk apart. Each room is allowed a maximum of 25 people at one time and normally hold over 100 people. Hence, there will be plenty of safe distance between all attendees. Masks are required for all indoor activities.

  • Lift Tickets: All discounted lift tickets must be purchased online and a MINIMUM of 24-hours in advance. They are available for purchase now through the end of the meeting and include a 30% discount for our group. To purchase, please click on this link: NABS Discounted Lift Tickets

  • Ski and Snowboard Rentals: All information (including pricing) can be found by clicking on this link: NABS Discounted Ski/Snowboard Rentals

  • Other Activities: Big Sky offers multiple activities that are fun for everyone! Only certain activities will receive a NABS discount. Please click on one of the following links below for more information:Space

    Other Big Sky Resort Winter Activities (Non-Discounted)

  • There are other helpful links and videos on the NABS website that will give you everything you need to know about Big Sky. Click here for more info: Other Helpful Links
That’s all for now, but be sure to email us if you have any questions or concerns. Until next time, WEAR YOUR MASK, SOCIAL DISTANCE and STAY HEALTHY!
Courtney Hymel
North American Burn Society 

Burn Community Mourns The Loss Alan R. Dimick, MD

Former NABS president and renowned burn surgeon Alan R. Dimick, MD peacefully passed away in his sleep on January 27th. He was 88. 

Dr. Dimick was so much more than a highly-respected surgeon. He was also a friend and mentor to countless individuals in and out of healthcare. Dr. Dimick enjoyed a 50+ year career in medicine that was always pursued with contagious enthusiasm. He inspired and engaged everyone with the same respect, regardless of level of training or background. Some of his many achievements included integrating the emergency departments at the University of Alabama – Birmingham (UAB) Hospital during the 1960’s civil rights movement. He also established the hospital’s very first Burn Unit – a first in the state of Alabama.

In addition to burns and trauma, Dr. Dimick saw the need for better training when it came to “First Responder’s.” He began pushing for the creation of, and eventually implemented a modern paramedics service that went on to become the model for the state of Alabama. Dr. Dimick was President of NABS in 1985.

For Dr. Dimick’s full obituary please click here.

To Be or Not To Be – THAT Is The Question
Many people have asked what led to the decision to keep the 2021 NABS Conference a LIVE meeting as opposed to a virtual one. The answer turned out to be relatively simple. We are all healthcare professionals. We know how to be responsible and conduct ourselves during a pandemic. Even though COVID-19 is still currently a threat to the world, the NABS Executive Board is confident that this pandemic is now under safe and acceptable control levels. NABS and the Big Sky Resort are both committed to having a safe conference by following health & safety standards put in place by the CDC, NIH and state/local governments. Rest assured, you can attend NABS worry-free!

2020 NABS Annual Conference: The Calm Before The Storm
Those who attended the 38th Annual NABS Conference have a least one good memory for 2020. Held February 15-20 in Sun Valley, Idaho, NABS attendees were some of the last participants of any medical conference as the world began shutting down and going into seclusion due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 65 attendees and 16 vendors enjoyed a variety of highly informative burn-related presentations, along with great skiing conditions that included many memorable runs. Non-skiing participants enjoyed other outings such as snowmobiling, snowshoeing and tubing. Attendees were also treated to a concert by LC Roots featuring NABS’ own Preston Demeritt. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Encore! Past links to fun and inspiration…

Burn Education + Fun = 2019 NABS Annual Conference
The North American Burn Society’s 37th Annual Conference was held January 19-24 in Park City, UT. Over 65 attendees and 15 vendors enjoyed a variety of highly informative burn-related presentations, along with fantastic skiing conditions that included many memorable runs. Non-skiing participants enjoyed other outings such as bobsledding, snowmobiling, and even an old-fashioned Toga party! Click on the links below to see all the fun!

2019 NABS Slideshow                      The Great NABS Bobsled Race

NABS Keynote Address
Burn Survivor John O’Leary delivered the Keynote address for the 2019 NABS Conference. Mixing humor, positive energy, and plenty of inspiration, John gives you a new appreciation on life and challenges you to ask yourself, “What more can I do?”

Click here to watch this timeless and inspiring video


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