2021-22 President

Renata Fabia, MD, PhD

NABS 2021-22 President

Born in Poland (and forever maintaining her Polish accent for integrity) Dr. Fabia attended Silesian University School of Medicine in Poland where she earned her MD status. She then went on to continue her education in Sweden where she earned her PhD in Surgery and Pathology at Lund University. Wanting to enhance her surgical training, Dr. Fabia then moved to the United States.

For the last 18 years, her career has flourished since she began practicing pediatric surgery at Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NCH) in Columbus, Ohio. After being named Physician of the Year by NCH in 2007, Dr. Fabia went on to become Burn Unit Director for the hospital in 2009 – a position that she continues to lead today. Dr. Fabia also holds an academic appointment at The Ohio State University where she is a Professor of Surgery. Her academic and scholarly activity has focused on burn and trauma related topics, along with other areas of surgical research and education at regional, national, and international levels. 

As a member of the American Burn Association’s Committee on the Organization and Delivery of Burn Care, Dr. Fabia is especially passionate about eradicating common erroneous calculations of total body surface area burns and creating a new, simplified method of performing TBSA assessment. In addition, she also created an International Student Program at NCH. The program mentors medical students/pediatric surgeons in training for a period of one to three months in observational clinical/research rotation. Since 2010 she has hosted 48 students and scholars from seven countries. 

Dr. Fabia’s commitment to NABS can be summed up in her response when asked what the organization means to her: 

“I endorse and love NABS because it contributes to advancing my burn-care related knowledge. It also  gives me the rare chance to participate in my favorite sport of downhill skiing. Most importantly, NABS gives me the opportunity to learn and socialize with a wonderful group of people who deeply care about burn survivors as well as each other. They have become a second family to me. I sincerely hope that my conference in Telluride will create as much joy as all the meetings that I’ve attended thus far.“

Editor’s Note:
Don’t worry, Dr. Fabia – we have no doubt that you’re going to make our 40th Anniversary memorable!
Growing up and learning to ski in Poland, Dr. Fabia became a member of the medical rescue team for skiers. Those early experiences of learning to set a dislocated shoulder slope-side along with stabilizing and transporting injured skiers down the mountain, paved the way for her success in medicine and became beneficial to the North American Burn Society. So if you’re going to be skiing with Dr. Fabia’s group at the NABS Conference next year, you can rest-assure that no skier will be left behind!


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