“NABS is a very fun, very personal, family-friendly and very science oriented society! I never thought I would actually think about optimal donor site dressings or how to best treat scar pain while riding in a gondola. I’ve also never been so warmly welcomed by any professional group. This atmosphere is clearly conducive to a true exchange of thought.”

Sigrid Blome-Eberwein, MD 
Allentown, PA

“I really liked the laid back atmosphere, as well as the size of this conference. It allowed for more interpersonal exchanges with other participants – something not common at larger conferences. Encouraging attendees to bring their families and having it timed around skiing or other activities was awesome! Also unique, was having company representatives give short presentations about their products, the research behind them and what technologies are forthcoming was also very helpful. This was a great meeting!”

Marilyn Curtis, RN 
Sacramento, CA

“Physicians, residents, nurses, nutritionists, physical therapists alike need to attend symposia to keep current, broaden our horizons, and learn the tricks of the trade. No single meeting has ever left me with more fond memories than the NABS meetings I have attended. The intimacy of the group, the relaxed exchange of ideas, the insights, and humorous interactions makes the NABS meeting one you remember, not one you forget a month later.”

Jeffrey M. Nelson MD
Tucson, AZ

“NABS is not only for burn specialists but for any in the medical world whose knowledge or willingness to learn can be shared during a skiing venue. I am a child neurologist. I have enjoyed my many NABS outings over the past 25 years, the comradery, presentations, dining, hi jinks, laughter and song. I encourage fun-and-knowledge-seeking professionals and their families to attend one meeting. You will want to return.”

Tom Reiley, MD, MHS
Golden, CO


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